By-Laws for Constituent Councils of the Allied Masonic Degree’s of the United States of America

Article 1. Name:

The name of this Council shall be Behle-Simons Council № 544

Article 2. Custody of the Charter:

The Secretary shall have custody, care and the responsibility for the safe keeping of the Charter.

Article 3. Meetings:

The business year of a Council of the AMD of the USA shall be the calendar year, January1-December 31. There shall be 4 regular meetings of this Council each year.

Article 4. Officers:

The elective officers of an AMD Council shall be Sovereign Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Secretary. The appointed officers shall be the Chaplain, Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, and Tyler. The Sovereign Master elect shall receive the “Installed Sovereign Master Degree” upon installation or as soon there after as possible. All other officers shall be installed at the Annual Meeting or as soon thereafter as possible.

Article 5. Membership:

Membership shall consist of Brethren proposed by any member of this Council and shall be limited to 27 (twenty-seven) in number, excluding plural and emeritus members.

  1. Candidates shall be proposed at a stated meeting. Only members present shall vote by secret ballot. The vote must be unanimous for the candidate to be elected a member.
  2. The Candidate must be in good standing for two years by a recognized Royal Arch Chapter prior to being balloted on.
  3. The candidate has 3 months from the date of the invitation being sent to respond to an invitation. The candidate must be initiated within one year of being balloted on.
  4. Out of state membership shall be limited to 9 members. Out of state membership is defined, as a member who does not habitually live in Utah.
  5. If a candidate fails to receive a unanimous vote or does not respond to an invitation they must wait one year from the date of the ballot before they can be recommended again.

Article 6. Contribution and Fees:

The fees for investiture in this Council shall be $40 plus the Annual Dues of $40 for the year. Any member of this Council delinquent any sum of money owed to this Council for more than six months shall be subject to suspension from membership in this Council for Non-Payment.

Article 7. Amendments:

Additions, deletions or corrections to the By-Law’s shall be accomplished by a majority vote of the members present at any meeting of this Council, provided the Secretary has notified each member in advance of the purpose of the meeting. Additions, deletions, or corrections shall become effective upon the consent of the Sovereign Grand Master and approval of the Grand Council.